Sunday, February 1, 2009

C.L. Freire launches new magazine.....

OK, so it's more of a newspaper headline than a blog title, but I wanted to send out a cheer for this dame. (That word's for you, C.L. I KNOW how you like that noir lingo!!)

C.L. is what I call a whirling dervish. She's got a million things going at once. She succeeds at completing them all. And she excels at whatever she sets out to do.

I met her on MySpace, in a whirl of cyber handshaking amongst writers and artists and more writers and artists. She has this great blog and anyone who reads it smiles for the rest of the day because, even over a thousand miles and the depersonalization of the internet, C.L. Freire's bubble of joy is contagious, even infectious.

She's had a couple of setbacks over the last few months, the details of which you can find out about on her blog. I won't get into it here because it's neither the time nor the place. What I will tell you is this: she's a woman who picks herself up when she's had a setback and STILL manages to lift others with her.

There aren't enough C.L. Freire's in the world. I'm thankful to know her.

So if you get a chance, head over to her new site at There, you'll find interviews, short stories, support, inspiration, and I guarantee you'll find a smile or two as well.

I'm proud to say CL interviewed me for her debut issue of Writers Together. It was an honor to answer questions for this terrific lady. Keep it up C.L. You rock!!!